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European Hospitality Foundation

The European Hospitality Foundation (EHF) was created in 2006 and its objective is to finance non-profit projects related to HOTREC's activities.

This objective should be realised by the following activities:

  • Assistance with the establishment and/or the improvement of the operation of the professional associations of the hotel, restaurant and café industry;
  • Assistance to the professional associations to allow them to participate in HOTREC;
  • Organisation of exchanges of trainees, scholarships and awards;
  • Studies to improve the knowledge of the industry; and
  • Support for events promoting the image of the hotel, restaurant and café industry.

The EHF was co-founded by HOTREC and by Fundació Gaspart Bonet, a private foundation ruled by the law of the Catalan region, in Spain. The Foundation is regulated by its own Statutes and has its seat in Brussels.

The EHF Board of Directors is composed of the members of the Executive Committee of HOTREC and of a representative of Fundació Gaspart Bonet, who has the title of Vice-President of the EHF.
The President and CEO of HOTREC are also the President and CEO of EHF.

The EHF has organised the following conferences:

  • "Lobbying EU Institutions training project” (2008) – Participants had the opportunity to learn more about the EU institutions, the institutional procedures and the organisation of the lobbying activities in Brussels;
  • EHF seminar: "Access to financial resources by national associations representing the hospitality sector” (2011) – The objective of the seminar was to discuss how national associations representing the hospitality sector could better access financial resources.
    Press Release: Download
  • "Understanding and lobbying the EU decision-making process" (2012) - Participants had the possibility of increasing their knowledge on how do the EU institutions work and why is lobby a vital step to influence the EU decision-making. This training included a visit to the European Parliament.

To learn more about the activities of the EHF, please, see this video.