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The General Assembly is HOTREC's highest decision-making body and brings together the representatives of all members associations. It is notably responsible for: 

  • Approving applications for membership and observer status;
  • Electing the HOTREC President and other members of the Executive Committee;
  • Approving the annual accounts and determining the budget;
  • Amending the statutes and the bye-laws of the association;
  • Adopting HOTREC position papers.

The General Assembly generally takes decisions by consensus.

The General Assembly usually meets twice per year. The member associations take turns in hosting the General Assembly according to a rotating schedule.

In addition, the Executive Committee chaired by the President, has the authority to take decisions on relevant issues. The day-to-day management of HOTREC Secretariat and its activities are overseen by the CEO. 

Moreover, HOTREC's Task Forces and Committees play an important role in the organisation. Each Task Force and Committee is in charge of one specific policy area and gathers the expertise of several representatives of HOTREC's members.