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The Brussels-based Secretariat, is in charge of the day-to-day management of the association and its activities. The Secretariat works in close liaison with the President and the Executive Committee, as well as member associations. It is led by the Chief Executive Officer.

  • Day to day management of the association 
  • Develop communication and public affairs strategies. HOTREC spokesperson before EU media.
  • Manage strategic alliances. Representation of HOTREC vis-a-vis EU institutions, stakeholders and external conferences.
  • Foster knowledge and best practice sharing amongst team and members.
  • EU Policy Lobbying Strategy planning in close collaboraton with President and ExCom.
  • Human resources planning and evaluation.

Office Manager and Membership Coordinator

  • Supports the CEO in his day to day administrative, financial, Membership and management tasks;
  • Monitor and manage accounts; prepare all aspects of HOTREC annual budget; link with authorities and administrations;
  • Manage HR in its administrative tasks;
  • Optimise external services’ contracts;
  • Membership coordination and development;
  • Support Team Members advocacy campaigns and participation to EU projects;
  • Coordination General Assemblies in close liaison with HOTREC Members;
  • Manage and coordinate the IT and databases.


Public Affairs Manager

  • Quality Board
  • Hotel classification (Hotelstars Union)
  • Taxation
  • Digital issues
  • Standardisation
  • Accessibility
  • Transport
  • Statistics 
  • Other areas: organisation of Distribution Task Force, website organisation and liaison with webmaster, office computer surveillance

Public Affairs Manager

  • Copyright
  • Food Safety & Hygiene
  • Consumer affairs
  • Payment systems and services
  • Competition
  • Institutional matters
  • International affairs
  • Management of social media accounts
  • Other areas: Organisation of Copyright Task Force, participation in CUP platform, compliance of HOTREC Statutes and Bye-laws with Belgian law

Marta Machado
Public Affairs Manager

  • European Hospitality Foundation
  • Health (Alcohol&Smoking)
  • Visa Policy
  • Tourism
  • TourismLink
  • Data Protection
  • Other areas: EU Funding, website quality control

Claudia Pinheiro 
Publication, Event and Media Officer 

  • Manages and publishes internal digital publications;
  • Coordinates the production of external publications;
  • Organises seminar, workshop or training for Members;
  • Coordinates the organisation of external events; 
  • Manages the website’s content;
  • Coordinates media contacts;
  • Support the CEO in the development of partnerships;