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General Assembly

The General Assembly is HOTREC’s highest decision-making body and brings together the representatives of all member associations. It is notably responsible for:

  • Approving applications for membership and observer status;
  • Electing the HOTREC President and other members of the Executive Committee;
  • Approving the annual accounts and determining the budget;
  • Amending the statutes and the bye-laws of the association;
  • Adopting HOTREC position papers.

The General Assembly generally takes decisions by consensus.

The General Assembly usually meets twice per year. The member associations take turns in hosting the General Assembly according to a rotating schedule.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for the management of the association. It consists of nine members, which have been elected by the General Assembly for a renewable period of two years. The Executive Committee is chaired by the President. 

The Chief Executive Officer prepares and attends the Executive Committee’s meetings.

The Executive Committee members


The Secretariat, which is based in Brussels, is in charge of the day-to-day management of the association and its activities. The Secretariat works in close liaison with the President and the Executive Committee, as well as member associations. It is led by the Chief Executive Officer.

HOTREC staff members

Social Dialogue Committee 

The social dialogue committee runs HOTREC’s sectoral social dialogue with its trade-union partner EFFAT, based on the mandate conferred by the General Assembly. The social dialogue committee comprises five HOTREC representatives, including one Chairman, which are elected by the General Assembly for a renewable period of two years.

Members of the HOTREC Social Dialogue Steering Committee

To know more about HOTREC’s sectoral social dialogue with EFFAT, please follow this link.

Quality Board 

The Quality Board was set up to deal with HOTREC's European Hospitality Quality (EHQ) scheme. The activities of the Board are led by a Chairperson. Member Associations may designate experts in quality issues to take part in the work of the Board.

Chairman of the HOTREC Quality Board


Sustainability Task Force

This recent task force has as its main objective to decide on the HOTREC long-term strategy and actions on several legislative and non-legislative issues related to sustainability, such as ecological labels, as well as to revise HOTREC positions in the area so far.

The Sustainability task force is not only looking into the political  initiatives, but also into business experiences and exchange of best practices amongst HOTREC members, which will constitute the basis for any future HOTREC action in this field. 

Copyright Working Group

This ad-hoc working group is there to deal with all copyright-related issues that are affecting the hospitality industry on a daily basis, as every establishment must pay large copyright and neighbouring right fees for the use of protected works. This group has been recently re-launched and meets according to the evolution of the policy issues of interest.