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Hotel stars in Europe

under the Patronnage of HOTREC

What do hotel stars mean in Europe?

The birth of a common European hotel classification 

Since 2004, HOTREC and its associations have been working on bringing the hotel classification systems in the various European countries closer to one another. 

In 2009, 7 HOTREC members committed to apply almost identical criteria for their hotel classification and created the Hotelstars Union under the patronage of HOTREC. Since its creation, 8 additionnal European countries joined the initiative. 

The first adjustment of the system

During 2013 and 2014, the Hotelstars Union Members developed the first common revisionof the criteria catalogue. As a result of negotiations, the following criteria for hotel classification shall gain more weight from 2015 in the around 30.000 classified hotels in the participating countries: 

  • Better sleeping comfort,
  • Better online visibility provided by hotels websites,
  • Better telecommunication opportunities also in lower category hotels,
  • Better food and beverages availability in all types of hotels.


Check out the Hotelstars website to find out more!