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Hotel stars in Europe

What do hotel stars mean in Europe?

Since 2004, HOTREC and its associations have been working on bringing the hotel classification systems in the various European countries closer to one another. In 2009, 7 countries committed to apply almost identical criteria for their hotel classification and created the Hotelstars Union under the patronage of HOTREC. In 2011, the three Baltic countries and Luxembourg joined the Hotelstars Union, while in 2012 Malta was joining the system as the first Mediterranean country. In 2013 Belgium, Denmark and Greece were following to enter the Hotelstars Union. 

See also introductory video to the Hotelstars Union at the bottom of the page. 

For an overview of what hotel stars mean in Europe, click on the various countries. 

The countries in yellow belong to the Hotelstars Union.