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Online distribution

Return on Investment Prediction tool

Please find on this page a link to a free software tool in different languages, which can help hoteliers who want to know how online booking portals commissions affect their profits.

Online Distribution

The market of online distribution is getting more and more important for the hospitality industry in Europe. Unfortunately, the number of relevant market actors is declining significantly and the market shows tendencies towards at least a narrow oligopoly. In the course of these developments, the hospitality sector in Europe, which is mainly characterised by small and medium sized enterprises, is facing practices in the field of digital distribution, hotel reviews and metasearches that many hoteliers consider to be imbalanced or unfair. Examples are for online marketing practices like brand bidding or domain grabbing.

In addition, hotels are losing sovereignty and control over their rates, distribution and products due to widely applied practices in place, e.g. by having rate parity imposed on them (maintaining identical rates across all online or even offline channels).

Therefore, HOTREC took an initiative to establish some benchmarks of fair practices in online distribution (see under main HOTREC documents below) in order to initiate a dialogue with relevant market players with the purpose of ensuring a level playing field for the benefit of guests, intermediaries and hotels.


Responses received to 2012 proposal for Benchmarks on fair practices in online distribution: 

Comparison table of responses received so far to the different benchmarks (without Expedia)

Individual responses received:

Responses to a previous initiative of HOTREC concerning hotel reviews only are available here

Main HOTREC documents:

  • HOTREC benchmarks on Fair practices in Online Distribution  31 October 2014

  • Press release-Positive responses to proposed fair practices in online hotel room distribution  25 July 2012

  • Press release - The European hospitality industry is calling for fairer practices in Online-Distribution  10 May 2012

  • Position Paper on Benchmarks of Fair Practices in Online Distribution  27 April 2012

  • Red card for unfair practices of Expedia, TripAdvisor and  5 October 2011