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The satisfaction of the guests is key for the success of any hospitality enterprise. Therefore high quality of services should be always be the prior objective. HOTREC is committed to help increasing the transparency and comparability of existing national/regional quality management schemes, which deal with tourism establishments.

The European Hospitality Quality scheme, established by HOTREC, is an umbrella quality scheme bringing together the various national/regional quality schemes. It is the HOTREC response to the recent call for quality charters, enshrined in the Directive on services.

HOTREC has recently revised its European Hospitality Quality scheme. The list of criteria broadly remain with some fine-tuning and with a few additional criteria. 

Here is a short introduction to the renewed EHQ scheme including the list of criteria. 

Quality schemes across Europe are welcome to ask for an accreditation under the European Hospitality Quality scheme.

So far 4 quality schemes have been accredited under the EHQ scheme under the initial set of criteria

  Qualitätsprogramm für den Schweizer Tourismus
  Hungarian Tourism Quality Award
  ServiceQuality Germany
 Scandinavian Service and Quality Award

Key EU measures:

Main HOTREC documents:

  • Renewed European Hospitality Quality scheme of HOTREC - introduction and criteria  26 October 2012

  • Press release - Scandinavian Service Quality Award accredited under the EHQ scheme  10 December 2010

  • Press release - Service Quality Germany accredited under the EHQ scheme  18 June 2009

  • Press release - The Hungarian Quality scheme accredited under the EHQ scheme  22 November 2007

  • Press release - Launch of the EHQ scheme - The Swiss Q first accredited  31 August 2007

  • Introductioin to the European Hospitality Quality scheme  20 April 2007

    This is an introduction to HOTREC's EHQ scheme, including some main conditions and the criteria for accreditation