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As any other sector, the hospitality industry is subject to EU rules which strive to ensure free competition within the internal market (rules prohibiting agreements which restrict competition, abuses of dominant position and on controlling mergers and concentrations).

The hospitality industry is particularly interested by the provisions of EU competition law dealing with:

  • "Block exemptions" on vertical agreements such as franchising contracts or beer supply contracts; 
  • Rules on hotizontal cooperation agreements; 
  • Rules agains abuse of dominant position or concerted practices (e.g. EC decision prohibiting MasterCard's Multilateral Interchange fees for payment card).

Working documents:

  • Payment cards - Europe's Payment Users call for a fair, competitive and transparent payment system  19 November 2013

    The European Payment Users Alliance call on EU decision makers to treat the package of proposed payment legislation as a priority and to amend it to ensure further transparency and competiton.

  • HOTREC reply to the Commission's Green paper on card, internet and mobile payments  10/04/2012

  • Draft regulation on vertical restraints - HOTREC reply to the consultation  20 September 2009

    HOTREC considers that Regulation 2790/1999 and its related guidelines on vertical restraints have delivered an optimal performance for the hospitality industry and should not be fundamentally altered.

  • European Commission ruling in relation to MasterCard Multilateral Interchange Fee – a milestone achievement!  19 December 2007