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Consumer Affairs

Consumers are the centre of activity of the hotel, restaurant and café industry. 
Legislative and political activities relating to consumer protection (e.g. consumer rights and safety) is therefore of prime importance for the hospitality industry.

Furthermore, such measures may also have an impact on the relation between the hospitality industry and other tourism related industries (e.g. Tour Operators and Travel Agent).

As a matter of principle, HOTREC considers that a necessary balance must be struck between the legitimate interests of consumers and the daily realities of running a hotel, restaurant and café establishment.


As the safety of guests is a key concern for the European hospitality industry, HOTREC developed a state-of-the-art instrument to help hotels across Europe achieving a high level of fire safety. Learn more about this instrument. Furthermore, according to Euro-Barometer, the hotel industry is considered extremely safe accross Europe.

Position Papers: 

  • Industry Coalition Position Paper - Package Travel Directive  26 February 2015

  • NET Position Paper on the Consumer Rights Directive   25 March 2010

    The Network of European private entrepreneurs in the Tourism sector (NET) welcomes the Commission proposal


Working Documents :

  • MBS methodology - Guidelines to fire safety in European hotels   10 February 2010

    This document summarizes hotel fire safety into a set of simple and basic concepts, which any hotelier can easily understand and apply. It should serve as a useful tool for all parties voluntarily in search of guidance on fire safety.

  • Package Travel Directive - HOTREC reply to the consultation   5 February 2010

    HOTREC reply to the consultation organised by the Commission on the revision of the Package Travel Directive

  • HOTREC comments on the consultation paper on the follow-up to the green paper on consumer collective redress  1 July 2009

  • HOTREC reply to the consultation on consumer collective redress  26 February 2009

  • Multiple hotel room reservations out of the Timeshare Directive - a great lobby success for HOTREC!  22 October 2008

  • HOTREC reply to the consultation on consumer collective redress benchmarks   3 March 2008