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Every hospitality establishment must pay large copyright and neighbouring right fees for live, background music, as well as, in certain cases, for the use of radio and television in guestrooms, etc. These copyright fees are paid to collecting societies, which represent the interests of authors, performers, producers and other rightholders.

Legislation and political activities affecting the organisation of the collecting system, the licensing conditions and the extent of the protection granted to copyright and neighbouring right holders are therefore of prime importance to the hospitality industry. HOTREC closely monitors these developments at European level.

Besides the copyright aspect of intellectual property, the hospitality industry is also affected by other specific aspects of intellectual property legislation, such as legislation on trademarks and designs.

Working documents: 

  • Copyright Users Platform suggests improvements to the Directive on Collective Rights Management  19 March 2013

    Major copyright users make detailed proposals to improve the European Commission's proposal for a Directive on Collective Rights Management.

  • Copyright Users' principles on the Collective Rights Management Directive  30 April 2012

    Major copyright users and consumers make detailed proposals in view of the future EU Directive on Collective Rights Management.

  • HOTREC reply to Commission green paper on audiovisual works  18 November 2011

    The European hospitality industry welcomes the Commission’s intention to take up the challenges of modern distribution channels for audiovisual content. Hotels and restaurants have always been intensive users of copyrighted works

  • HOTREC remarks on Collective Rights Management - 6 key principles  19 October 2011

    The European hospitality industry considers that six basic principles should apply to all collective rights management organisations, at national or EU level.

  • Copyright Users' statement on a reform of Collective Rights management   20 July 2010

    Major copyright users' statement in view of a proposal for a framework Directive on Collective Rights Management

  • Extension of the term of copyright protection - letter to Commissioner McCreevy  29 April 2008

    Letter from 5 trade associations representing copyright users to Commissioner McCreevy expressing concerns about a legislative proposal to extend the term of protection for music perfomers and producers

  • Creative content online - HOTREC reply to the Commission's consultation   29 February 2008

    HOTREC welcomes the Commission consultation and calls for increased transparency in the collective management of rights and for easy, speedy, and affordable dispute settlements systems in relation to both online and offline works protected by copyright.

  • CUP brochure "Time to review Copyright Management in Europe"   1 June 2006

    The Copyright Users Platform (CUP) - composed of 7 major trade associations, stress the need for a reform of the collective management system in Europe.