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As a major end-user of food products, serving millions of meals to European consumers, the hospitality industry is an important player in the food chain and is directly concerned by EU food legislation and policies.

Food-related issues are high on the agenda of European policy makers. The rationale for EU action in this field is twofold:
  • Guaranteeing safety and health of consumers across Europe  
  • Ensuring the effective functioning of the internal market.
EU food legislation and policies cover a wide range of issues such as:
  • Food safety (food hygiene, etc.);
  • Traceability (GMOs, etc.);
  • Food labelling and nutrition. 

EU food legislation and policies fall under the responsibility of the Commission's Directorate General for Health and Consumer Protection (DG SANCO).

Position Papers: 

  • HOTREC position on food waste reduction and the circular economy package  7 April 2016

  • HOTREC position on the implementation of the Food Information to Consumer Regulation  12 November 2013


Working Documents :

  • Panorama of initiatives & best-practices developed by HOTREC members in the field of nutrition/diet/ food product improvement - autumn 2017  12 December 2017

  • HOTREC guidelines to reduce food waste and recommendations to manage food donations  19 January 2017

    This brochure presents some guidelines to help hospitality businesses reducing their food waste and managing food donations

  • HOTREC letter to Spanish EU Council Presidency on food labelling  25 February 2010

  • HOTREC letter to Swedish EU Council Presidency on food labelling  23 October 2009

  • Speech at European Tourism Forum 2009 - food labelling  9 October 2009

  • HOTREC initial remarks on food labelling proposal  19 November 2008

  • Letter to TRAN Committee on the proposal to exempt micro-businesses from HACCP procedures  11 April 2007

  • HOTREC comments on DG SANCO consultation on food labelling  18 May 2006