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Why is EU policy and legislation relevant to the hospitality industry?

The hospitality industry is subject to regulations, directives and decisions, national, EU and international level. HOTREC is responsible for monitoring and influencing, on behalf of its members, rules which are decided at EU level. 

It is important to emphasise here the link between EU and national legislation. Often this link is not easily visible as much of EU law consists of so-called Directives, which only become binding on enterprises following implementing legislation at national level. The individual entrepreneur might not realise, therefore, that the national legislation his or her business must abide by actually has a European origin.

Understanding the extent to which the legal and business environment of hospitality enterprises is determined by EU rules is crucial in three regards:

  • First, the knowledge that the EU institutions are considering a measure enables the hospitality industry to participate actively in its preparatory phase, request amendments, or even a withdrawal, to the measure in question. 
  • Second, it is useful to be aware that national rules must conform to EU law. 
  • Third, thanks to the HOTREC presence in Brussels, the industry representatives can easily provide with relevant information to the EU institutions.