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Position Papers

HOTREC Position on the European Commission Communication on the mid-term review of the Digital Single Market Strategy

10 October 2017
HOTREC welcomes the European Commission Communication on the Mid-Term Review on the implementation of the Digital Single Market Strategy, and in particular the Commission’s intention to promote online platforms as responsible players of a fair internet ecosystem... Read More

HOTREC Position on Work-Life Balance

10 July 2017
HOTREC takes note of the Commission proposal for a Directive on "Work-Life balance for parents and carers repealing Council Directive 2010/18/EU”. Overall, HOTREC considers that work-life balance and gender inequality in the labour market remain topics that deserve in-depth attention and need to be addressed. Nevertheless, ... Read More

NET Position on ETIAS

13 June 2017
NET, the Network for the European Private Sector in Tourism, supports ambitious, cooperative and business-friendly tourism policies, allowing tourism to prosper and to serve travellers with safe, sustainable, affordable and high quality services for all... Read More

HOTREC Position on Revision Posting Workers Directive

5 May 2017
HOTREC welcomes the Commission proposal for a revision of the Posting of Workers Directive (COM (2016)128final), amending Directive 96/71/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16 December 1996 concerning the posting of workers in the framework of the provision of services  ... Read More

Statement on Visa Reciprocity by European Tourism Stakeholders

22 March 2017
On 2nd March the European Parliament adopted a Resolution calling on the European Commission to take measures temporarily reintroducing visa requirements for US citizens, given that the US still does not grant visa-free access to nationals of five EU countries, notably Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Poland and Romania... Read more

European Private Employers' Statement on the European Pillar of Social Rights 

20 January 2017
European employers strongly believe in the European Union and its centre piece the Single Market, which provides a framework for companies to grow, create employment and thereby contribute to social progress in Europe. In the field of social affairs, the EU Treaty makes it clear that EU actions can only complement the Member States in their responsibility to ... Read More

2016 Policy Proposals to Boost Job Creation in the Hospitality Sector through 5 Pillars 

29 November 2016
The tourism industry provides close to 13 million jobs to the European Union (Link – Eurostat statistics) and is the third socio-economic activity after the retail sector which employs 32.8 million people, and the construction sector (20 million). The hospitality industry alone employs 80% of the total EU tourism workforce, which represent 10 million ... Read More

Tourism Sector Position on US/Canada Visa Waiver Topic

29 June 2016
The undersigned European tourism stakeholders have been following with increasing concern developments in the visa waiver reciprocity mechanism applied by the European Union to citizens of the United States and Canada. The EU enjoys outstanding bilateral relations with the US and Canada, and ... Read More

HOTREC Position on the Food Waste Reduction and the Circular Economy Package

 7 April 2016 
As an important part of the food chain, delivering millions of meals to EU citizens, the European hospitality industry welcomes the reduction of food waste. However, it is important to bear in mind that the European restaurant industry only contributes to a small amount of the total food waste ... Read More

EFFAT-HOTREC Joint Statement on the "Sharing Economy"

4 December 2015
EFFAT and HOTREC, the social partners in the European hotel and restaurant sector, are concerned about the emergence and rapid spread of the "sharing economy” in hospitality and tourism, which is often developing in an uncontrolled and unregulated way. For this reason, the social partners have decided to strengthen their cooperation and ... Read More

HOTREC/UEAPME joint position paper - Data Protection Regulation - trilogue negotiations

19 June 2015
HOTREC and UEAPME paid close attention to the approval of the Council general approach on the General Data Protection Regulation, at the Justice and Home Affairs Council of 15th June 2015. HOTREC and UEAPME have also followed very closely the approval by... Read More

HOTREC Considerations on Touring Visa

25 March 2015
HOTREC fully welcomes the Touring Visa (COM (2014) 163 final), in order to allow legitimate travellers (tourists, business people, pensioners) to stay for more than three months in Schengen, provided that the applicant does not intend to stay for more than three months in any 6 month period in the same Member State... Read More

Industry Coalition Position Paper - Package Travel Directive

26 February 2015
According to European Commission figures, the travel and tourism sector represents over 10% of EU GDP and about 9.7 million direct jobs. EU legislation should seek to create the right regulatory environment to support the business conditions that ... Read More

NET Proposal for Amendments - Visa Code Recast

19 February 2015
Net proposal for amendments: recast of the visa code (COM(2014) 164 final) ... Read More

HOTREC Position vis-à-vis the emerging shadow hospitality economy in Europe 

28 October 2014
HOTREC, the business association representing the European hospitality industry, has been monitoring with concern the rapid emergence of the shadow hospitality economy, which is often developing in an unregulated way. In Europe, this market, as listed on the most influential distribution websites, already accounts for far more than... Read More

HOTREC's concerns and position on Visa Package

29 July 2014
HOTREC fully welcomes the Visa Package (Visa Code recast + Touring Visa) proposed by the Commission in 2014. The new visa rules fully comply with all the security aspects requested by the Schengen legislation, whereas ... Read More

HOTREC Position Paper on Commission Proposal for a Data Protection Regulation

16 May 2013
HOTREC welcomes the proposal issued by the Commission on "The protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and free movement of such data (General Data Protection Regulation), COM (2012) 9 final, replacing ... Read More