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Policy Reports

Report on the Benefits of Low VAT on Job Creation and Competitiveness

4 May 2017
Low VAT applied to hospitality and tourism services proves to be a guarantor to foster jobs and growth. While competition keeps increasing among destinations and Europe’s market share decreasing, with receipts rising at a lower level than the rest of the world, a tourism friendly tax policy is a must to sustain Europe’s competitiveness and keep it the number 1 destination... Read More

5 Pillars to Foster a Responsible and Fait "Collaborative" Economy 

14 February 2017
Informal accommodation rentals between residents and visitors have always existed. However, the scale of the activity has exploded over the past 5 years [20 million bed places (source EHHA) versus 7,3 million registered in Eurostat], through peer-topeer (P2P) platforms, without quasi any control... Read More

HOTREC guidelines to reduce food waste and recommendations to manage food donations

19 January 2017
This brochure presents some guidelines to help hospitality businesses reducing their food waste and managing food donations ... Read More

Policy Paper on the "Sharing Economy": Levelling the Playing Field

5 November 2015
Throughout the years, the tourism business model has tremendously changed, integrating new forms of tourist accommodation, therefore enriching the overall travel experience. The "sharing” economy has undoubtedly become one of those, and is here to stay... Read More