New Commission directive focuses on working conditions of platform workers

On 9 December 2021, the European Commission proposed a legislative text on ‘Improving working conditions in platform work’ (COM(2021)762 final) to strengthen the protection of digital platforms workers.

HOTREC welcomes the initiative to ameliorate working conditions of all types of work including self-employed that offer their services to platforms. However, we regret that the Commission proposed a directive instead of a recommendation or general guidelines.

Concretely, we disagree with a reputable presumption of employment – as several platform workers would prefer to be considered self-employed. The presumption can also hinder the development of a true self-employment status.

Overall, platforms considered as employers will have to fulfil their obligations under national law – such as paying a minimum wage and respecting working hours and annual and family leave. This will influence the prices customers will pay to the products they consume and also the fees restaurants pay to the platforms (e.g., food delivery services). We are afraid that the impact of the proposed directive will worsen even more the situation of the hospitality sector, already very much weakened by the Covid-19 pandemic.


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