Hotel 4.0 Summit in Portugal: accelerating the digitalization of the sector to remain competitive and overcoming Covid-19 uncertainty

On 11 May 2022, Ms Marie Audren, HOTREC Director General, joined the Hotel 4.0 Portugal Summit: a conference organized by the Association of hotels, restaurants and similar establishments in Portugal (AHRESP) and aimed at finding ways to accelerate the digital transformation of hotels, thus overcoming the uncertainty of the post-Covid world and increase the competitiveness of SMEs through innovative and practical tools.

Ms Audren participated as a keynote speaker in the panel ‘Strategic Challenges of Tourism in the New Digital Economy’, and had a chance to share with participants HOTREC views on key issues in the European hospitality, such as the current geopolitical crisis in Europe and the ways it could affect the sector; the full recovery of European hospitality; and digitalization of the industry.

“Since the end of February this year, we have been reminded that none of the challenges we went through can be compared to the suffering of people that have been caught in a war they did not want.” Stated Ms Audren. “The Ukrainian Hotel and Resort Association (UHRA) joined HOTREC last year with great enthusiasm and willingness to improve the hospitality scene in Ukraine. I want to take this opportunity to pay tribute to our colleagues, the Ukrainian people, and to praise the solidarity of the hospitality sector across Europe.”

She later commented on digital issues affecting the industry: “HOTREC wants to contribute to a more innovative and digital European hospitality. This requires investments, skills & a long-term commitment, and can appear like a mountain to climb for SMEs focusing on their core business: providing hospitality.”

A recording of the event is available on YouTube at this link.


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