Farm to Fork strategy measures: on-going consultation


On 6 January 2021, under the umbrella of the Farm to Fork, the European Commission released an Inception Impact Assessment on the following topics:

  • Origin labelling
  • Front-of-pack nutrition labelling
  • Nutrient profiles
  • Date Marking

An impact assessment to revise Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011 on the provision of food to consumers will be presented during 2021. A legislative proposal will come up with the legislative proposal by Q4 2022.

With regard to the origin labelling, HOTREC advocates strongly for the continuation of the existing legislative framework where the origin or provenance of foods would not be mandatory information and it is provided either on a voluntary basis or by means of national law.

As ingredients/supplies regularly change in restaurants (to guarantee the freshness of the products and its diversity), providing information on origin labelling on non-prepacked food would represent a huge challenge for the hospitality sector (from which 90% are micro-enterprises). Work would not be manageable (at least for non-prepacked food).

HOTREC supports the remaining initiatives and hopes that the front-of-the pack nutrition labelling will be launched together with the nutrient profiles initiative, as both initiatives go hand in hand.

The consultation put forward by the Commission is open until 3/02/2021.


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