Restrictions on non-essential travel might be put in place by Member States


On 19th January 2021, the European Commission issued a Communication with the aim to coordinate measures to beat COVID-19 and on 21 January the European Council issued its oral conclusions.

Under the present public sanitary and health context, with the variant of the virus that appeared in the UK, Member States are willing to take similar measures to avoid the spread of the virus. In this sense, non-essential travel might be limited again.

Heads of State and government also issued an agreement on antigen tests and mutual recognition of results. With regard to vaccination, procedures should be accelerated and a standardised and interoperable form of proof of vaccination for medical purposes will be worked upon.

HOTREC consider that coordination of travel restrictions needs to be a priority. In case restrictions to non-essential travel are put in place, this should be lifted as soon as the epidemiological situation improves. Such measures constitute a threat to the freedom of movement. Moreover, financial support needs to be prolonged and increased to reach out to all companies. Finally, massive testing and vaccination need to be in place, as the way forward in preparation for the summer season.


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