Porto summit: EU leaders and social partners subscribe action plan on European Pillar of Social Rights

On 8 May 2021, European leaders adopted the declaration of the Porto Social Summit, which renews their commitment to putting into practice the principles of the European Pillar of Social Rights and approves the Action Plan presented in March by the European Commission.

EU leaders welcomed the “main targets“ of the Action Plan ( including employment, training and reducing the risk of poverty) and recognised the role of the ‘European Semester’ budget process in achieving them.

The key messages are the following:

  • The EU should target jobs, skills and poverty reduction (SME’s play a key role).
  • The European Pillar of Social Rights is a fundamental element of the recovery and its implementation will support reaching digital, green and fair transition.
  • It should continue being implemented with proportionality and in respect of subsidiarity.
  • Education and skills will be put at the centre of political action.
  • The success of European social dialogue is encouraged.

The Porto summit also counted with a commitment signed between the EU institutions and the social partners, following the lines of the Porto declaration.


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