A high level of health protection is a key priority for the EU...

...which has the responsibility to complement national policies and encourage the cooperation among Member States, with the objective to improve public health.

Over the years, EU activities in the field of public health have been growing and increasingly focusing on the objective to promote healthier lifestyles and discourage unhealthy behaviours among European citizens.

EU actions in relation to tobacco, alcohol and nutrition are directly relevant to the hospitality industry as they might affect the running of hospitality businesses when dealing with consumers (e.g. smoking in public places, serving of alcohol, nutrition labelling for the food served in restaurants, etc.).

European initiatives in this field are directly influenced by and closely interlinked with developments at international level, in particular with the policies of the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Latest news on alcohol

Please find here the latest HOTREC articles related with the European Alcohol and Health Forum.


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