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About European Hospitality

European hospitality is a vibrant and dynamic industry that plays a crucial role in the region's economy and society. With over 2 million businesses and employing 10 million people, it stands as a cornerstone of economic activity and job creation. With a notable contribution of approximately 2-3% to the total EU GDP the hospitality industry serves as a powerful catalyst for economic growth. 

Our industry is characterised by a high level of entrepreneurship, with 99% of businesses classified as small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). These companies bring innovation, creativity, and a personal touch to the industry. 

In addition to its economic significance, hospitality also holds a key role in the European tourism ecosystem. The industry provides a crucial infrastructure to support and enhance the overall tourism experience in the region: from hotels and resorts to restaurants, cafés, and bars, these businesses serve as the foundation for accommodating and catering to the needs of travellers

By showcasing the rich cultural heritage, diverse cuisines, and warm hospitality of the region, the industry plays a vital role in promoting cultural exchange and fostering a positive image of Europe in the global tourism market.

European hospitality fosters youth employment and plays a significant role in promoting gender equality and championing social inclusion.

The sector serves as a vital hub for social interaction, providing venues for leisure, dining, and accommodation. It creates spaces where people can connect, celebrate, and explore new experiences

Whether it's a charming boutique hotel, a cosy restaurant, or a bustling café, these establishments contribute to the fabric of communities and enhance the quality of life for residents and visitors alike.

Source: Eurostat

Industry data

Our industry is at the heart of European tourism development. Hospitality fosters the sector's growth, jobs and innovation and unlocks its potential.

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Source: Eurostat.