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Legal migration package: one step to fight labour shortages

Tuesday, 13 September 2022
Position paper Social Affairs


 HOTREC welcomes the European Commission package on legal migration presented on 27 April 2022 and believes it can be part of the solution to overcome the labour shortages facing the hospitality sector.

Our main position: 

  • We fully support the activation of the Talent Partnership and welcome the fact that the Commission intends to include the hospitality sector as part of the initiative.
  • We call on the European Commission to include the hospitality sector in the EU Talent Pool
    and hope that the sector is part of the pilot project focusing on Ukraine.
  • The sector is committed to help the Ukrainian refugees be integrated into the hospitality sector labour market, if willing to. But support for the training is needed from national governments and the EU.
  • We welcome the revision of the Long-Term Residents Directive and of the Single Permit Directive, as a way to facilitate the procedures for legal migrants to stay in Europe.
  • It is essential that the low and medium skilled people are part of the Talent Partnership, the EU Talent Pool and the legislative proposals.