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Mobility package: a step further in reducing labour and skills shortages in the sector

Wednesday, 24 January 2024
Newsletter Social Affairs

HOTRE fully welcomes the mobility package presented by the European Commission on 15 November 2023 which included the following initiatives:

HOTREC is facing, since COVID-19, workforce shortage ranging from 10-20% in the sector. Skills are also missing, including digital and green skills, interpersonal skills, language, and cooking abilities.

The causes for these challenges are linked, amongst other reasons, with the ageing and shrinking of the working population in Europe. This is a horizontal challenge that is affecting all sectors and society in general.

We, therefore, support all measures that facilitate third country nationals willing and available to work in the EU to do so via legal solutions.

The hospitality sector stands ready to work with the EU institutions on the implementation of this initiative.