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New packaging rules: Mixed bag for hotels and restaurants

Monday, 18 March 2024
Food & Drink Sustainability

On 15 March, new rules on packaging and its waste were adopted by EU ambassadors. The European hospitality association HOTREC commends EU legislators’ efforts to promote sustainability through measures outlined in the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR). Hotels, restaurants, bars and cafés recognise the importance of responsible waste management. The industry therefore remains committed to playing its part in the transition. 

HOTREC and its members are concerned by the imbalance between ambitious environmental goals and the practical needs of the hospitality sector. Clear and consistent limitations on single-use plastic packaging in hotels and restaurants are needed. 

Marie Audren, HOTREC Director General, commented:  

“Banning miniature plastic hotel cosmetics is a step forward, yet targeting all single-use packaging for toiletry in hotel rooms is unreasonable and impractical”.  

HOTREC is disappointed by refill and reuse obligations imposed on operators, which are likely to cause liability issues. While well-intentioned, measures imposing refill and reuse at no extra cost would put added pressure on efficiency and profitability, detrimental to the food sector where margins are tight. 

Member States should allow hotels, restaurants and bars to conduct their business freely, especially on whether to provide tap water free of charge or not.  

HOTREC urges EU legislators to carefully address these concerns through secondary legislation. By fostering collaboration and dialogue, we can reach environmental sustainability and thriving hospitality.

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