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Tourism requires a European Commissioner, say the leaders of the European hospitality sector

Thursday, 16 May 2019
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Tourism requires a European Commissioner, say the leaders of the European hospitality sector

On the occasion of HOTREC’s 78th General Assembly, the leaders of 43 national hospitality associations in 31 European countries call on the next European Commission to prioritise tourism by attributing it explicitly to a European Commissioner’s portfolio. “Tourism is the third socio-economic activity in Europe and one of the backbone of the EU economy. It brings more than 13 million direct jobs and keeps growing. Its importance for Europe’s growth and jobs should be visibly reflected in the structure of the next European Commission” said Mr. Jens Zimmer Christensen, President of HOTREC. “Tourism is impacted by various EU policies falling under the portfolio of several EU Commissioners. This makes necessary for the next Commission to attribute tourism to the portfolio of one Commissioner tasked with the overall coordination of all other Commissioners’ policies impacting tourism” stated Mr. Christian de Barrin, CEO of HOTREC. Currently, tourism is not explicitly recognised in the portfolio of the Juncker Commission. It is supervised with all other sectors of the economy by the Commissioner for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs, whom HOTREC would like to thank, as well as DG Grow, for their support over the five past years.

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HOTREC represents the hotel, restaurant and café industry at European level. The sector counts in total around 2 million businesses, being 99,5% small and medium sized enterprises (91% are micro enterprises, i.e. employing less than 10 people). These businesses make up some 60% of value added. The industry provides some 11,9 million jobs in the EU alone. Together with the other tourism industries, the sector is the 3rd largest industry in Europe. HOTREC brings together 43 national associations representing the interest of this industry in 31 different European countries.