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Our History

HOTREC, originally known as the Liaison Committee of the Hotel and Catering Industry of the European Economic Community, was established in 1979. Initially, it operated as a division of the International Hotel Association, situated in Paris.

In 1981, the organization underwent a name change to the Committee of the Hotel and Restaurant Industry in the European Community, subsequently adopting the acronym HOTREC. The transition continued in 1982 when HOTREC transformed into an association governed by French law.

In a significant development in 1991, HOTREC relocated its headquarters from Paris to Brussels, and three years later, in 1994, it obtained international association status under Belgian law.


General Assembly

The General Assembly serves as HOTREC's highest decision-making body, gathering representatives from all member associations. It convenes twice a year and generally takes decisions by consensus. 

Its key responsibilities include: 

  • Reviewing and approving applications for membership and observer status.
  • Conducting elections for the HOTREC President and other members of the Executive Committee.
  • Endorsing the annual accounts and establishing the budget.
  • Amending the association's statutes and bye-laws.
  • Adopting HOTREC's position papers. 

The hosting of the General Assembly rotates among member associations according to a predetermined schedule.


Executive Committee

The Executive Committee comprises eleven members who are elected by the General Assembly to serve a two-year term. The committee is led by the HOTREC President and holds the authority to make decisions on pertinent matters. The HOTREC Director General is responsible for preparing and attending all committee meetings. 

The current Executive Committee was elected in October 2022 for the term of 2023-2025, and its composition is as follows:

  • Alexandros Vassilikos | HOTREC President | Greece 
  • Morten Thorvaldsen | HOTREC Vice President | Norway
  • Adrian Cummins | HOTREC Treasurer | Ireland
  • Alexandre Archier | Member | France 
  • Dirk Beljaarts | Member | Netherlands
  • Alessandro Cavaliere | Member | Italy
  • Ramón Estalella Halffter | Member | Spain 
  • Elisabeth Haglund | Member | Sweden
  • Markus Luthe | Member | Germany
  • Maria Schreiner | Member | Austria 
  • Ludo Geurden | Member | Belgium
  • Joan Gaspart | Observer | Spain


The Secretariat, located in Brussels, is responsible for the daily management of the association and its operations. Working closely with the President, the Executive Committee, and member associations, the Secretariat ensures its effective coordination. 

The Director General provides oversight of the Secretariat's activities.

Marie  Audren
Marie Audren

Marie Audren

 Director General  
Marta  Machado
Marta Machado

Marta Machado

 Deputy Director General 
Marine  Thizon
Marine Thizon

Marine Thizon

 Public Affairs Manager 
Matej Žežlin
Matej Žežlin

Matej Žežlin

 Public Affairs Manager  
Vipin  Mehra
Vipin Mehra

Vipin Mehra

 Office Manager & Membership Coordinator 
Rani Guillemaere
Rani Guillemaere

Rani Guillemaere