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Digital Markets Act: European Commission designates as gatekeeper

Monday, 13 May 2024
Digital Press Release

The European Commission has today designated Booking Holdings, the parent company of, as a gatekeeper platform under the Digital Markets Act (DMA). now has six months to comply with all the do’s and don’ts as a gatekeeper. HOTREC strongly supports the official designation. European hoteliers are confronted with far too many unfair business practices and impairments by that have a huge impact on their performance. 

Booking Holdings is still attempting to prevent hotels from offering better prices on their own distribution channels than via the platform. Moreover, Booking is not sufficiently sharing its data with hotel partners. These are just two of the many issues that should finally be resolved thanks to today’s designation of as a gatekeeper under the DMA.  

Alexandros Vassilikos, HOTREC President, commented:
“After a decade-long struggle between European hotels and, the DMA is now a real game changer. HOTREC is committed to constructive and transparent discussions with the European Commission and”

Markus Luthe, Managing Director of the German Hotel Association (IHA), added: 
“It is now important to ensure that the gatekeeper does not attempt to circumvent its new obligations and that it properly consults all affected stakeholders on its compliance solutions.” 

According to HOTREC’s 2022 European Distribution Study, is by far the most dominant online travel agency with a market share of over 70%. An updated version of the study on recent developments of online distribution channels is expected to be published in June 2024.  

HOTREC press release on the notification of
European Commission press release on the designation of


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