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Strengthening Quality Traineeships

Wednesday, 26 June 2024
Position Paper Social Affairs

Clearer Rules and Framework Needed

Executive Summary

HOTREC acknowledges the European Commission’s proposals for a Directive on Traineeships and a Council Recommendation on a reinforced Quality Framework for Traineeships (QFT). More clarity is needed however, especially for SMEs.

HOTREC’s main priorities on the Traineeships Directive are as follows:

  • It is unclear what type of traineeship is addressed. If the intention is to cover openmarket traineeships, part of a labour relationship, this should be clearly explained.
  • In countries where open-market traineeships exist, the trainee is already protected by national labour law or collective bargaining, as there is a labour relationship. Further legislation is not needed.
  • The Directive should not create a new category of worker at EU level.
  • Red tape should be cut, where possible, and reasonable timeframes considered, especially for SMEs.
  • Definitions of traineeship and trainee are inconsistent.
  • Collective bargaining agreements should be able to derogate from the Directive.
  • There should not be an overlap between apprenticeship schemes and open-market traineeships.
  • Instead of a new Directive, a revision of the Council Recommendation on QFT is more appropriate.

On the Council Recommendation on a reinforced QFT:

  • All traineeships should not be included, subsidiarity must prevail.
  • Remuneration should not be made compulsory, compensation is often a fair alternative.


Read our full position by clicking on the link below.