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82nd HOTREC General Assembly: Romanian Hotel Industry Federation (FIHR) and Ukrainian Hotel & Resort Association (UHRA) join HOTREC as new members

Friday, 04 June 2021
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82nd HOTREC General Assembly: Romanian Hotel Industry Federation (FIHR) and Ukrainian Hotel & Resort Association (UHRA) join HOTREC as new members

HOTREC is delighted to officially welcome the Romanian Hotel Industry Federation (FIHR) and the Ukrainian Hotel and Resort Association (UHRA) in its membership – now bringing together 45 associations in 34 European countries.

FIHR (Romanian Hospitality Industry Federation) is the first and most representative organization for the Romanian tourism and the hotel industry, in terms of turnover and employees’ number, gathering 4 of the top 5 Romanian hotel companies ranked by turnover, present in 41 local cities and covering more than 16,500 rooms within its membership hotels.

UHRA (Ukrainian Hotel and Resort Association) has  been registered in 2020, though de-facto served for many years as a communication and lobbying platform for all leading local hotel operators, many independent hotels & resorts, industry consultants and visitor bureaus. Contributing to Ukraine’s governmental (SATD) and  legislative initiatives on reforming obsolete industry regulations, UHRA stands as common voice of hospitality business and the real people & professionals it enrols. Currently an umbrella to over 90 hotels & firms with 5000 employees… and growing.

“The collaboration with FIHR and UHRA and the expansion of the HOTREC membership to Romania and Ukraine came at a critical time for our industry, when mutual support and share of information and best practices will be crucial,” said Ms. Marie Audren, Director General of HOTREC. “We look forward to collaborating with both associations and to contributing together to the survival and recovery of the European hospitality sector”.

“It is very important for our industry to stay united, to share best practices between countries and to harmonize our common effort to overpass the difficult pandemic times. For Romania, the FIHR affiliation to HOTREC is happening in the right moment and represents a great opportunity to prove our European roots and our common values. We are confident in an excellent collaboration with positive effects for Hotrec, for FIHR, for companies, employees and especially for the benefit of our tourists” added Mr. Calin Ile, President of FIHR.

Ms. Iryna Sidletska, President of UHRA outlines with enthusiasm:No doubt, HOTREC & HSU are the leading professional associations, nurturing highest HORECA quality standards, knowhow and traditions. At a time when Ukraine strives towards EU integration and reinforcement of continent’s security, its tourism industry too needs a thorough reform. These organizations are clear guidelines, opportunity to adopt the tested & balanced methodologies locally for the best outcome. We at UHRA assume full responsibility for the country & the industry we represent, and hope to contribute reciprocally to post-Covid recovery when joining efforts within this family of open, friendly yet very focused neighbours with clear principles and agenda."

HOTREC represents the hotel, restaurant and café industry at European level. The sector counts in total around 1.8 million businesses, being 99,5% small and medium-sized enterprises (91% are micro-enterprises, i.e. employing less than 10 people). These businesses make up some 60% of value-added. The industry provides some 10 million jobs in the EU alone. Together with the other tourism industries, the sector is the 3rd largest industry in Europe. HOTREC brings together 45 national associations representing the interest of this industry in 34 different European countries

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